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Vital Statistics

Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificates

We can order birth, marriage, and death certificates for events that occurred in Alberta only. We do carry applications for other provinces; however you must apply to the appropriate province to obtain a certificate for an out-of-province event.

You must be eligible to apply. (See Certificate Application for eligibility information)

Please bring the following:

  1. Completed Birth, Stillbirth, and Marriage Documents Application 
    OR a Completed Death and Legal Change of Name Documents Application  
  2. Acceptable Identification

You will receive you certificate in about 5-10 business days. It will be mailed to your address. Rush Services are available for an additional fee. The rush will get you the certificate in 2-3 business days, but you must pick it up from our office.

Marriage Licence

A Marriage Licence must be obtained prior to being married. When we issue you a marriage licence, it is only valid in the Province of Alberta, and is only valid for 90 days. Both parties must come to our office to have the license issued. Please be in the office at least one hour before closing time. Please bring the following:

  1. Completed Marriage Licence Application 
  2. Acceptable Identification for both parties
  3. Certificate of Divorce (Divorce Judgment is NOT acceptable)


If there was an error made in the registration of the event, and the information needs to be corrected, an amendment must be processed. You may apply in our office for an amendment. You will receive correspondence in the mail indicating: what proof is required; applicable amendment fees, whose signatures are required to make the changes; and will also include forms to fill out. You will always need a Commissioner for Oaths in the completion of the correspondence. We have Commissioners for Oaths in our office. Amendment time frames will vary.

Legal Name Changes

If a resident of Alberta would like to apply to change their name, their child's name, or their spouse's name, they may do so in our office. The applications are not available on-line; you must come to our office to get one.

Required documents will vary depending on circumstance, marital status, or guardianship orders. Please consult with one of our staff; we will be happy to assist you.

Information is subject to change. All efforts will be made to keep this information up-to-date.