Other Services

Alberta Health Care Registration Services

Our staff can process and submit information for Alberta Health Care.

Depending on the circumstance, requirements will vary. Please contact our staff for more information.

Ticket/Fine Payments

Any Alberta fine can be paid at our office. Please note that we charge a service fee of $9.45 for processing a fine in our office.

LATE FINES: If your fine is past the court date, and you have been assessed a late fee already, it is payable in our office with no extra documents needed. Fines that are past the due date MUST be paid prior to any motor vehicle or driver licence service.

CURRENT FINES: If your fine is not past the court date, you must bring your copy of the ticket to our office. It will say "Part 3", and will be yellow or white.

Commissioner for Oaths

We have many Commissioners for Oaths in our office. If you need to complete an affidavit or oath, they are the ones you need to see. They are appointed for the Province of Alberta only. This means if your document will be leaving the province, they will not be able to commission it. (You may need a NOTARY in that case)

You must have VALID photo identification for the service. There is a fee for the service.

Raffle Licences

Charitable Organizations or Non-Profit Groups must apply to Alberta Liquor and Gaming to be eligible for a Raffle Licence.

More info on eligibility

Once you have been approved, our office can issue raffle licences for the organization. Please provide us with the AGLC ID number that you have been assigned upon approval. We can only issue licences for raffles $10,000 and under.

Bring this completed raffle application form to our office along with photo identification.