Personal Property Services

Lien Searches

Our office can search the Province of Alberta for registered liens.You should search the Personal Property Registry before buying personal property or accepting personal property as collateral for a loan. The search result will tell you if the personal property is subject to another registration, it also protects the rights of buyers and creditors.

Personal Property Registry

For more information: The most common searches performed will be searched by either: the serial number, the individual or business debtor name, or the registration number, but there are more ways to search. Doing a search of this nature will not indicate a stolen status. Please check with the RCMP regarding this topic.

Lien Registrations

Interests in personal property must be registered in the Personal Property Registry to avoid possible loss or legal conflicts. It is very important to keep in mind that registration of your interest in the Personal Property Registry does not guarantee priority over all other interests. It is however, a necessary step to protect your interest.

The most common registrations we register are security agreements, writ of enforcements, and garage keepers' liens, but there are many more. We can also make changes to liens once registered.

You must bring the appropriate completed forms to our office to have a lien registered.

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